U.S. Boiler Company Report – August 2015

U.S. Boiler Company Report - August 2015

US Boiler Report – August 2015

What’s so special about August and the USBR?! As the heating season approaches, let us prepare you with helpful HVAC tips and insight!

  • Announcing our NEW fall promotion! YES. We want to put cash back in your pocket!
  • Familiarize yourself with polypropylene for high-efficiency venting.
  • Read about useful tips for doing things differently to be a better service provider.
  • Learn how to install our NEW Wireless Outdoor Reset!
  • Discover how Innovative Design Systems, from central Colorado, fought eight feet of snow to install a K2 boiler at 9,953 feet above sea level!

So basically… Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

U.S. Boiler Company

CLICK HERE to read our interactive issue of the USBR. This version contains a hot link to our NEW fall promotion!

CLICK HERE for a low res PDF version.


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